Bodyweight and Handstand Workshop With Simone Greig @ Read Performance Training

Yesterday I attended the 1 day bodyweight and handstand workshop with my osteopathy colleagues Matt Harris of Everything’s Connected and Ben McChesney and Sam Bombos of Balance Osteopathy.

It was an action packed 1 day practical workshop that was led by Gymnastics coach Simone Greig of SPTraining and was held and hosted by Andrew Read of Read Performance Training.

The day was split into 3 blocks that started with mobility and flexibility, followed by basic bodyweight strength and then entry into a handstand.  This was a great way to get the day started and get us moving and prepared for some more challenging skill and strength based bodyweight exercises.

Mobility and Flexibility Session

The first 2 hours of the session were focused on getting our own body’s moving and ready for some more specific bodyweight training.  The mobility and flexibility session focused on the whole body, but also spent a considerable amount of time focusing on those key areas where flexibility and mobility is required to perform both basic bodyweight strength work and handstand training drills.  During this session we had a detailed focus on the wrists, shoulders, back, upper back, hips and ankles.  This session was highly practical and all attendees were given the chance to feel and experience each of the flexibility and mobility exercises.

Basic Bodyweight and Strength Session

The second part of the day was focused on learning the key bodyweight strength exercises that we should master in order to develop our overall bodyweight strength and work towards being able to carry out a handstand safely and with good technique.  Again, this session was highly practical and led by Simone who both demonstrated and coached us through bodyweight movements such as holding basic shapes, holds and strength that focused on the abs, legs and many other bodyweight strength exercises.

Ninja Exercise, Strength, Bodyweight

Entry Into A Handstand Session

The last session was again highly practical and as part of this session, Simone had arranged for one of her gymnastics students to attend and demonstrate and coach the key holds and shapes that we should master before moving to carrying out  the handstand. The last session had us focus on key exercises and progressions that had us moving towards being able to carry out a handstand.

Handstand, Technique, Training, Drills

Workshop Summary

This was a highly interactive workshop that is suitable for those individuals who currently train and are wanting to build on their current knowledge of mobility and flexibility drills, incorporate more bodyweight training exercises into their everyday program and/or are wanting to be able to perform a handstand.

Simone brought many years of both coaching and practical experience to the day and this was demonstrated by her ability to teach and coach attendees throughout the day.  For those wanting to try this type of training out or further their knowledge in this area, I would highly recommend attending this workshop or others organized by Simone at SPTraining and Andrew of Read Training Performance.

This blog was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy.  Heath has a particular interest in movement based treatment and training approaches and is also an accredited Level 2 Strength and Conditioning coach with ASCA as well as being certified in FMS, SFMA and CAFS.

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