What makes the best Osteopath Melbourne CBD?

At Principle Four Osteopathy we believe the best Osteopath Melbourne CBD is one who listens, gives you time you need, the attention you deserve, undertakes a thorough clinical assessment and provides you with safe, evidence based treatments and effective management options.  We take a collaborative approach to your care and will look to address your goals and needs.  

We will also be the first to let you know if we feel you may benefit from seeking the opinion of another health professional and will facilitate this for you should you wish.

Best Melbourne Cbd Osteopath

How to choose a good osteopath

Osteopaths are university trained practitioners who have an interest in working with clients with musculoskeletal complaints. We think the best Osteopaths are AHPRA registered.  

Osteos work across a variety of settings that include private clinical practice, sporting teams, occupational health, paediatrics, chronic pain, exercise rehabilitation/strength and conditioning and education. 

Osteopathy is one of Australia’s fastest growing medical professions, with universities in Melbourne (Victoria University, RMIT) and NSW/QLD (Southern Cross University) now training 100s of osteopaths each year.  

At Principle Four Osteopathy our Melbourne CBD osteopaths have a particular interest in private clinical practice, occupational health, exercise prescription, strength and conditioning and education. 

The best osteopath for you is usually an osteo who has experience treating your pain or discomfort; they take the time to ask good questions and understand what you want to achieve e.g. reduce pain, improve mobility, increase performance, work comfortably, sleep better or you may just want to get back to doing the things you love.

10 reasons you should choose a Principle Four Osteopath

1. Experienced osteopath in Melbourne City

We have a team of Melbourne osteopaths with a combined 40+ years of experience, meaning we have seen 1000’s of clients and have likely helped someone who is experiencing the same musculoskeletal problem as you.

Experienced Osteopath In Melbourne City

2. Knowledge in health services and treatments

Our Melbourne CBD osteopaths have extensive knowledge in exercise rehabilitation and strength and conditioning.  Our osteo practitioners have completed a range of additional studies ranging from exercise science, masters in strength and conditioning, powerlifting coaching, kinetic link training and strength and conditioning with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association.  

If you are currently dealing with a training related injury, need assistance with exercise programming or a review of your training technique, then book in to see us at our Melbourne City Osteopathy clinic today.

Knowledge In Health Services And Treatments

3. Expertise in occupational health

Our osteopaths in Melbourne have all been trained in workplace assessments that include office workstation ergonomics, vehicle ergonomics and manual handling training.  2 of our osteopaths have been awarded the title “occupational health osteopath (vocational) by Osteopathy Australia for their extensive industry knowledge and expertise.  

If you or a friend or colleague is dealing with a work related injury, then book in to see one of our occupational health osteopaths who will provide a comprehensive approach to managing your complaint that will include treatments, job task analysis, functional capacity testing and work with your workplace stakeholders to assist you in returning to work.

Expertise In Occupational Health

4. Osteopathic clinical skills

Our Melbourne CBD osteopaths are trained in additional modalities such as dry needling, shockwave therapy and sports taping.  If you have a complaint that may benefit from one of these adjuncts, we will discuss these treatment options with you and incorporate them into your treatment plan should you wish.

Osteopathic Clinical Skills

5. Our osteopathy treatments

Our osteopaths in Melbourne, Vic are highly trained in all manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, stretching, muscle energy technique and indirect techniques.  In addition to this we are trained in dry needling, shockwave therapy and taping.   

Principle four osteopaths will fully customise the treatment to suit your specific pain and goals so that we can assist you in getting out of discomfort sooner, moving better or improving your overall health and performance.  

In addition to manual therapy, our best osteopaths Melbourne CBD will also provide you with active management strategies such as stretching, mobility and strengthening exercises so that you can manage your symptoms better and facilitate a speedier recovery.

P4O Treatment Room

6. Our clinics and availability in Melbourne City CBD

We have 4 osteopaths available at the clinic who have a range of special interests that include exercise prescription, manual therapy, exercise prescription and strength and conditioning which makes them the best osteopath Melbourne CBD for you.

We offer same day osteopathy appointments and are open Monday – Friday (7-6pm) and Saturday mornings (8:30 – 11am).

We offer standard (30-40 minute) and longer (60 minutes) consultations for those who may have multiple musculoskeletal complaints or complex conditions requiring longer consultations.

We offer a range of consultations with our osteopath team that include osteopathy consultations, shockwave consultations, ergonomic consultations, exercise prescription and strength and conditioning consultations at our Melbourne City CBD clinic.  

For those individuals who cannot make a face to face consultation, we offer telehealth consults for osteopathy, workstation ergonomic assessments and exercise prescription and strength and conditioning.  

P4O Wait Area

7. Telehealth session with our osteopaths

Not sure you can get into the Melbourne CBD for a consultation with your favourite osteopath in Melbourne? We currently also offer telehealth session for osteopathy, exercise prescription, strength and conditioning and workstation ergonomic consults.  

We will be able to conduct an in depth case history, physical assessment and provide treatment and management advice to assist you with your concerns.

Telehealth Session With Our Osteopaths

8. Best osteopathy awards

All the osteopaths at Principle Four Osteopathy are registered practitioners with AHPRA and members of osteopathy Australia.  

Each of the practitioners at Principle Four Osteopathy also have various work experiences which assist them in being the best osteopath that they can be as well as having undertaken additional post graduate training to further their knowledge in specific fields of osteopathy such as work health and safety, occupational health, exercise prescription and strength and conditioning.

AHPRA Board Member – Tim McNamara

Independent Medical Examiner Worksafe – Heath Williams

Australian Osteopathic Accreditation Council – Overseas Assessor – Heath Williams

Osteopathy Australia – Committee Member – Heath Williams

Occupational Health Osteopath (vocational pathway) – Osteopathy Australia – Heath Williams and Shaun Coghlan

Strength and Conditioning Coach – Australian Strength and Conditioning Association – Heath Williams & Jarrod Testa

Find out more about our osteopaths and their experience and areas of interest.

Most of our patients come from word of mouth referrals through friends, work colleagues or family.  We have been established in Melbourne CBD since 2010 and have built up a network within the community amongst GPs, sports medical doctors and allied health professionals who commonly refer patients for the best osteopath Melbourne CBD, shockwave therapy treatment and strength and conditioning.

Likewise, we will also do the same when we feel additional assistance is required with regards to helping you manage and resolve your musculoskeletal complaints.

Recommended Osteopathy Near Me

10. Our facilities in Melbourne CBD

Our facility is a state of the art modern day osteopathy clinic for the best osteopath Melbourne CBD that includes your typical osteopathy consultation rooms, but also a fully equipped exercise prescription and strength and conditioning facility. 

P4O Ohep Gym

Best Melbourne CBD Osteopathy Clinic

Our osteopathic clinic is conveniently located in the heart of the Melbourne City CBD at 178 Collins st.  We are easily accessible for all in the CBD via tram, training, walking or driving.  

For those coming from nearby inner Melbourne suburbs, we are a short walk from the train at Flinders St and the nearby intersections of Collins and Swanston and Collins and Russell st. 

178 Collins St Building
Pleasance House, Level 4, 178 Collins St, Melbourne 3000

Find out more about our great range of health services below:

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Strength and conditioning

Ergonomic workstation assessments

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