Band Resisted Chin Up | Increasing The Pull Up Challenge

In the video above you will see osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy performing a band resisted pull up. The band is attached to an anchor point below (kettlebell) and placed over his shoulder.  The result of this will be an increasing tension in the band as one gets near the top phase of the pull up, thereby making it more challenging.  This is different to a weighted chin up whereby the resistance stays consistent throughout the entire movement.  From a strength and conditioning point of view, there are many different ways to get stronger i.e. volume (more sets, reps, time under tension) and load (through weight or bands). I like using the bands from time to time to play around with the variables of the exercise to challenge the body through a constantly changing stimulus i.e  do the same thing over and over again without variation and the body may develop an overuse issue or there may be diminishing returns on the exercise because the body is used to that movement or exercise.

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