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The foot is one of the body’s big key stones in regards to function. Every time we take a step, we get ground reaction force moving up through the body. Feet that aren’t functioning correctly can therefore have a big impact in regards to how energy is transferred up through the body. When it comes to assessing the client, regardless of whether they have presented with foot, knee, hip, back or shoulder pain. I will always assess their foot function. As soon as the client starts walking into my treatment room I am watching how they walk and transfer their body weight. Observation is a very important part of any assessment and a lot can be gleaned by observing ones gait. Beyond this I will look at their standing posture and how they weight bear. A quick look at the soles of their feet and also their shoes will also tell you a lot about where they weight bear, where they like to place their stress and wear their shoes. Whilst standing I will look at their ability to dorsiflex the first toe, how they pronate and supinate in bilateral and single leg stance through the mid foot. During this assessment I will also be looking at how the calcaneus everts and inverts as well as how they dorsiflex through the foot when weight bearing. Once I have taken a mental note of how their foot is functioning whilst standing, I will then look at how their foot passively functions, assessing each of the key areas of the foot (1st ray, mid tarsals, talocrural, subtalar joint). Palpation of the muscles will also tell us a lot about ones general lower limb function.

Hopefully I have given you a little bit of an insight into what I do when assessing ones foot function. Once this information has been gathered, I can use this with other assessment findings to put together a strategy for the treatment and management of the clients condition. Knowing what and how the foot functions can tell us a lot about how one might be functioning further up the biomechanical chain.

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