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Assessing and Correcting Lateral Knee Movement In The Squat – An Osteopaths Perspective

In the video below you will see one of Principle Four Osteopathy clients performing a squat with band placed around their knees whilst holding isometrically at the bottom phase of the squat pattern.  This client presented to the clinic looking to address the knee movement in their squat and ultimately look to improve their overall squatting performance.  Now I know there are many possible causes for this frontal knee movement in the squat and some would argue that does it matter if their knees move.  From my perspective if you have people handling near maximal loads or submaximal loads for repeat efforts, this frontal knee movement suggests there might be both control issues as well as a leak in energy that might limit ones ability to progress or possibly put other parts of their body i.e. hip, spine under additional stress and therefore at risk of possible strain.  Assessment should suitable foot mechanics and weakness in the gluteals when tested under repetition which resulted in the prescription of additional hip and trunk accessory work.  I also thought it might be good to see if we could look improves the frontal plane knee movement by have the individual place a band around their knees (ultimately accentuating the medial knee movement issue) and then have them squat and perform a combination of active squats focusing on creating lateral pressure as well as some isometric holds at the bottom phase of the squat where the knee movement was observed to be occurring the most.

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