Aqua Bag Pertubation Training: Integrating The Lunge with Press

I recently purchased an aqua bag (bag partially filled with water) and the challenge with this training tool is that one must stabilise and control the bag that has a moving load within it.  This product and concept of instability training has been around for a long time now, however I was recently stimulated to add this into my training after seeing Frans Bosch speak in Sydney last year as well as having read his book “Strength training and coordination: an integrative approach”.  In the videos below you will see a variety of lunge movements (anterior, lateral and rotational) with an in sync anterior shoulder press or anterior press following the lunge.  The lunge + press is probably an easier place to start because it segments the movements and reduces the pertubation challenge compared to the in sync lunge + press.  There are many different ways to add pertubation training to ones program and below are just a couple of ideas that came about from playing around with the aqua bag whilst performing a lunge routine.