For those of you out there that have an Achilles Tendinopathy injury or know someone who has, you will all know how frustrating these injuries can be in regards to how they can impact on your daily life and ability to exercise. Whilst there are many treatment approaches for an Achilles Tendinopathy, ranging from hands on manual therapy such as osteopathy or physiotherapy, dry needling, taping, blood injections, corticosteroid injections, shockwave therapy and rehab exercises. One of the most commonly prescribed exercises for Achilles Tendinopathy is the eccentric calf raise.  Eccentric exercises have been shown to help with Achilles injuries.  It is suggested that you perform 15 repetitions 3 times (2 times per day) for 3 – 6 months.  Please check out the great video below that was found on YouTube.

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