Selecting the right office chair and asking how to set it up correctly are two of the most commonly asked questions that I get as an Osteopath when dealing with clients who work in an office and when performing ergonomic risk assessments and training in the corporate environment.  Selecting the right office chair is almost as difficult as selecting the right bed.  Individuals are always wanting to know which chair is best for them.  Rather than giving individuals a recommendation on a specific chair brand that they must buy, often I will give them recommendations of what they should be looking for in a good chair.

Features that I recommend that a good ergonomic office chair should have include:

  • Swivel feature.
  • Height adjustable base/stem.
  • Adjustable base tilt.
  • Back rest that can adjust up and down in height.
  • Back rest that can tilt back and forth in angle.
  • If the chair has arm rests, the arm rests must be adjustable in height.
  • Most importantly the chair must be comfortable to sit on and safe and stable.

Most offices these days are littered with a mixture of office chairs that they have accumulated over the years.  Chairs can range from very simple standard office chairs to expensive and stylish chairs.

A quick revision of common office chairs