A Look At Power Output In The Bench Press Using GymAware

Here is a quick look at the GymAware tool that is used to determine ones power output when lifting weights.  The GymAware tool is attached to the barbell and using the iphone, the lifts are recorded and the output is shown over the lifts.  In these videos, Todd from Elite Sports Performance measured my power output over 3 lifts for 60kg, 70kg and 80kg Bench Press.

In terms of identifying where I produced the greatest power consistently over the 3 lifts, the videos suggest that the 70kg barbell lift was where I produced the most consistent power output  over 3 lifts.  There are quite a number of variables that may have affected my results with this session, the main one being that I had only just learnt how to perform a bench press in a powerlifting manner.  I will most likely look to review and measure my output again in a few weeks time when my skill of performing a powerlifting bench press technique imroves.

What was interesting during the 60kg, 70kg and 80kg lifts was that 60kg felt too light and that perhaps not enough weight was on the bar to allow for maximal power output.  The 70kg lift felt very comfortable, whereas the 80kg lift, you can see that on the 3rd lift, the speed of the bar movement slowed down and therefore my power output dropped.


60kg Bench Press


70kg Bench Press


80kg Bench Press


The GymAware is used frequently by the Strength and Conditioning coaches at Elite Sports Performance as it is a great way to objectively measure power and improvement in power.  The GymAware can literally be used on any lift where there is an ability to attach the equipment to it i.e. Squat, Bench Press.  If you are serious about improving power for athletic performance, then I would highly recommend consulting with Elite Sports Performance.

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