Dsc05602 Workstation Ergonomic Risk Assessment Training For Allied Health Professionals

Enhance your clinical skill set by being able to conduct an in person or virtual office or home office workstation ergonomic risk assessment

Learning Objectives

  • Review the role of occupational health and safety within a corporate work setting and understand the role we play as occupational health practitioners in this field
  • Identify workstation hazards and risks that incorporates all domains of ergonomics (cognitive, organisational and physical)
  • Apply best practice principles with regards to setting up a worker or client at their workstation
  • Undertake an ergonomic risk assessment and implement solutions to eliminate or reduce hazards and risks based on the risk control hierarchy
  • Review common workstation ergonomic challenges and how to problem solve these to improve client/worker outcomes
  • Review real life case studies for the tall and short worker, the worker with lower back pain, neck/shoulder pain and upper limb pain
  • Review the latest ergonomic equipment accessories (desk, chair and other accessories) and when/how to prescribe these to improve client/worker outcomes

Course delivery options

  • Option A: Live face to face via webinar course
  • Option B: Live in person course (limited to 20 attendees)

Note:  Please ensure you check which course you have booked on prior to purchasing your ticket to the course.

Investment:  $330


Wade Brennan (physiotherapist) and Heath Williams (osteopath) have 15 years experience working in the field of occupational health.  Heath and Wade have worked extensively in the workstation ergonomic space and have assisted 100s of corporations and 1000s of clients during this time.  They have assisted organisations in implementing preventative and educational strategies for entire businesses as well as individuals in addition to assisting workers in acute and chronic injury management and return to work.  

Wade Brennan has previously been a member for APA QLD OHS committee and also currently works as a consultant for Corporate Work Health Australia and Move Injury & Disability Support. 

Heath Williams has been recognised by Osteopathy Australia as their first titled occupational health osteopath (vocational) as well as sat on the inaugural occupational health committee for Osteopathy Australia.  Heath currently lectures the osteopaths at Victoria University and Southern Cross University in ergonomics. 

Heath and Wade have been teaching post graduate courses in the areas of office workstation ergonomics, vehicle ergonomics and manual handling for many years, having now taught 100s of osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, exercise physiologists and myotherapists.

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Email:                    training@corporateworkhealth.com

Phone:                   1300 519 951

Course Dates:

Saturday 16th October 2021 – Buy your ticket here

Saturday 15th January 2021 – Buy your ticket here