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Firstly, what is osteopathy?

Osteopaths are allied health practitioners who have studied for 5 years at university to register as a primary care health practitioner with AHPRA. Osteopaths work across a variety of settings and these include private clinical practice, sporting teams and high performance, occupational health, education, pregnancy and paediatrics and chronic pain.

At Principle Four Osteopathy we work with clients of all ages and have an interest in private clinical practice, education, strength and conditioning and occupational health.

Conditions Seen At Principle Four Osteopathy By Our Osteopathy Practitioners

Principle Four Osteopathy has a 5 practitioners who have a range of experiences and expertise. Find out more about our team here.

For those who have never visited an osteopath before, I have tried to outline what a typical consult might look like.

Case history

In the first 15-20 minutes of the consult we will spend time talking to you to seek an understanding of what brought you to the clinic, what you would like to achieve with the session and discuss your short and long term goals. This will help us to identify the most appropriate way to assess and plan the treatment and management of your conditions.

The assessment

We will take a look at how you move and perform a range of movement assessments and tests to assist us in determining what might be causing your complaint and which regions of the body we will need to focus on with our treatment.
Assessment may involve looking at isolated segments of the body or whole body movements.

Providing you an explanation

We take the time to sit down and discuss with your our thoughts on what we think is going on with your condition and what we feel is the best way to manage this.

If we feel that we can assist you in the treatment and management of your condition, we will outline our thoughts on what is going on and provide you with a treatment and management plan. This will include short and long term treatment goals, what treatment can incorporate i.e. manual therapy, active management strategies, pain management advice and ergonomic advice.

If we feel you will benefit from consulting another health practitioner i.e. GP, Sports medical doctor, EP, podiatrist etc, we will discuss this with you and facilitate this referral for you should you wish to explore this pathway.

Manual therapy treatment strategies

Our osteopath may offer manual therapy as one option of treatment for your complaint.

Osteopathy Techniques Commonly Adopted By Our Osteopaths

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Articulation
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Stretching
  • Muscle energy technique (MET)
  • Counter-strain
  • High velocity-low amplitude manipulation
  • Dry needling
  • Rigid and dynamic taping.
  • Exercise prescription
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Ergonomic and manual handling advice

Shockwave therapy as an adjunct

Shockwave therapy is often integrated into our treatments when clients present with chronic tendinopathies. Tendinopathy conditions that we have used shockwave with include tennis elbow, golfers elbow, achilles tendinopathy, plantarfasciopathy, patellar tendiniopathy, quadriceps tendonopathy, hamstring tendinopathy.

Find out more about shockwave therapy here.

Exercise Rehabilitation and Strength and Conditioning

Active movement strategies form a big part of our approach at Principle Four Osteopathy. This may include stretching, mobility, general movement or structured movement programs. Depending on your specific complaint and goals, we will prescribe an individualised movement program suited to your needs that looks progress you towards your short and longer term goals.

We will prescribe exercises that are easy to perform and suit your specific situation. If you cannot access a gym, we will prescribe bodyweight resistance and light band exercises.
If you are having issues with specific exercises, we can review these exercises and provide technical advice on how to modify these to work around a specific complaint or to improve performance.
If you are looking for a customised exercise program, we will develop a periodised program that you can perform at home or in the gym to assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals

Management Strategies

Management strategies beyond active approaches will include advice around pain management and ergonomic advice. This may involve assessing your current situation or providing you with strategies to adapt, modify or change what/how you do things to avoid aggravation or optimise what you do and your environment to assist your.

Workstation ergonomics is commonly an issue for many of our clients who have desk based jobs. We also provide home ergonomic, vehicle ergonomic and manual handling/task advice to assist you.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to chat to one of our team about your condition and whether we can help you, please email info@principle4.com. One of our team will touch base and arrange a time to call and discuss your concerns.

Where is Principle Four Osteopathy located?

178 collins st building
Pleasance House, Level 4, 178 Collins St, Melbourne 3000

Want to book a consult with one of our team?

Booking a consult with our team is simple. You can call us on 03 9662 2147 and book a time in.

Book online here.

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