The weight plate overhead press is a great variation on the traditional overhead press because it requires the individual to balance the load in the frontal plane (side to side) whilst pressing vertically overhead in largely the sagittal plane. When trying this exercise out in the gym be sure to reduce the load compared to what you normally press overhead because of the increased stability demand put on the upper limb through the moving load.

Top Reasons Why I Like Adding A Stability Challenged Overhead Press To Ones Program:

– Increased grip strength demands
– Increased hand and wrist stability requirements
– Increased shoulder stability demands

When Might I Look To Incorporate A Stability Challenged Overhead Press Into My Program:

– When there is a need to improve control at the wrist and hand
– When I am needing to improve strength and control at the wrist and shoulder girdle
– Where there is a need to improve control at the shoulder girdle (GH and Scapulothoracic joint)

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