Varying The Dumbbell Step Up Exercise

The step up (or dumbbell step up) is one of those great exercises that trains strength, balance and control in the lower limb and is about as functional as we can get when it comes to movements that we perform in a daily life.  In the image below I have included some examples of how one might want to go about varying up their traditional step up exercise so to increase ones movement vocab.  There is an example of an anterior, lateral and rotational step up.  When it comes to progressing or regressing this exercise, opt for height change, distance of step, start/finish point, load and all of the other typical acute training variables i.e. sets, reps, rest etc.

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy.  Heath has a particular interest in exercise rehabilitation and strength and conditioning.  He has completed ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Course, Powerlifting Association Level 1 Coaching Course, FMS and many more.  For all of your injury treatment and management needs, touch base with us at  Principle Four Osteopathy are one of Melbourne City CBD and Docklands leading osteopathy clinics.