Variable Resistance Training Using Chains and Bands

I was recently reading the article titled “Effects of variable resistance training on maximal strength: A meta analysis” that was published in the strength and conditioning journal in 2015 and thought I would discuss some of the key take home messages.

Key messages taken from the article:

  • Variable resistance training means that the resistance changes throughout an exercise.
  • Variable resistance is typically carried out by using accessories such as elastic bands chains or machines that allow for a change in the velocity of the load.
  • The idea of variable resistance is to induce a variation in the stimulus and provoke neural adaptations to improve different aspects of strength.
  • There is some thought that variable resistance training reduces the mechanical disadvantage of the sticking point.  The sticking point is the region where the most inefficient stage of a joint movement and you see a slowing down of velocity and therefore a reduction in force production.
  • Recent studies have shown that VR training should involve a weight load of 80-855 of the load with free weights and 15-20% by VR in back squat.  To improve peak power, others are saying 65-80% free weight and 20-35% by VR.
  • Eccentric stimulus is also increased with VR training. 
  • Studies have shown an improvement in muscular strength, power and resistance to fatigue when training with VR.

The take home message is that variable resistance training using chains and bands within a strength and conditioning exercise program is a useful adjunct to ones training and could be incorporated regularly into ones training program to create a different neuromuscular reaction.

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