Over the last 6-8 weeks I have been using Powerbands a lot within my Osteopathic consultations for both injured clients and those wanting to improve their overall mobility and strength.  The Powerband is an exercise tool in its own right and can be used for conditioning the entire body.  Used within the Osteopathic consultation, many would look at it as a bigger and better version of the Thera Band or Tubing Band.  Below are some common examples of how the Powerbands can be integrated into the Osteopathic Consultation for the purpose of Exercise Prescription.

All of the Powerbands demonstrated in these videos are sourced from Iron Edge in Melbourne.  Check these out by clicking here.

Examples of use within the Osteopathic Consultation & For What Conditions

Upper Body

1.  Chest Press & Fly’s

2.  Shoulder Exercises such as Shoulder Press, Lateral Raise, Anterior Raise, Posterior Fly

3.  Lat Pull Downs & Seated Rows

4.  Scapular retraction exercises

Lower Body

1.  Single Leg Strength Exercises – Hip Flexion, Extension, Adduction & Abduction

2.  Powerband Lateral Lunge

3.  Powerband Squat

4. Seated Glute Work

5.  Lateral Crab Walks

6.  Goodmornings

For a more detailed look at how the Powerbands can be used, be sure to check out the latest videos that I have recently had published on Training Trendz.  www.trainingtrendz.com.

Crab Walks, Squats & Lunges Video

Powerband Back Exercise Video

Powerband Squats Video

Powerband Chest Video

Powerband Shoulder Video

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