Using Bands To Create More Glute Activation On The Bench Press

Recently I have been reviewing my bench press technique and I have realised that I am not engaging my hips and feet to assist with stability and drive when bench pressing.  This has been partly related to foot placed, some mobility issues around the hips and also not actively engaging the feet and hips in the bench press.   In the video below you will see a powerband wrapped around my thighs which will pull my legs together if I do no resist the band tension.  By resisting the band tension through the bench press I am actively able to recruit and use the glutes to assist with the bench press.  This is just one of many different approaches one can take to work towards improving their bench press.

If you are currently training regularly and are suffering from niggles through training, please feel free to touch base with us at Principle Four Osteopathy so that we can review your training technique and your injury to determine if we can provide some manual therapy or correctives to address these issues.

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