Upper Body Push Pull Exercise Session

Osteopath Heath Williams has published one of his upper body push pull exercise sessions.  This session incorporates a combination of arc patterns (think fly patterns), horizontal push and pull patterns and vertical push and pull patterns.

Aim for 2-4 sets of each exercise, with a rep range of 8-12.  Rest breaks will vary depending on effort in each exercise, but allow for 45-60 seconds if you are wanting a higher intensity program.

Upper body pull push session
1. Reverse fly T
2. Reverse fly Y
3. Lat pull down wide
4. Incline push up
5. Lat pull down mid
6. Band push up
7. Lat pull down close
8. Band resisted overhead push
9. Seated row
10. Push up plus 1 arm hold

Check out the videos on the business instagram for demonstrations of these exercises.

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy.