Osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy has given us his Top 5 Tips For Neck Pain.  Neck pain is probably one of the most common conditions treated and managed by Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.  Neck complaints can include muscle strains, joint restrictions, disc injuries, whiplash, acute wry neck and arthritic changes.

Top 5 Tips For Neck Pain

  1. Make sure you have a supported pillow and are not sleeping in awkward postures.  Easier said than done they say.  Typically those who wake with sore or stiff necks find themselves having slept in awkward postures such as half on their stomach and side.  A good supportive pillow such as the Dentons Contoured Memory Foam can help support ones neck.  These pillow’s typically have a high and low side to help accommodate the shoulders or back when sleeping.
  2. Avoid awkward driving postures.  Many of us drive the car without a single thought about posture and ergonomics.  We often share the car with our partners and kids also.  Make sure you set your car up to suit your needs and avoid awkward postures.  I have attached a link to a webpage that gives a good basic outline of car ergonomics and a step by step guide.  Click here.
  3. Avoid awkward sitting postures at work.  Many of us spend 8-10 hours sitting at the desk a day.  Often we are staring at a computer or needing to read and write.  Make sure you have your workstation assessed to ensure you are avoiding potential neck strains and sprains.  Check out www.corporateworkhealth.com if you are looking to get your workstation assessed.
  4. Try and stretch tight neck muscles and keep the rest of your body active.  Many of us who sit for the day often suffer from stiff mid to upper backs.  As a result of this, ones neck posture is affected and their upper limb function is also affected.  I have attached a link on some common neck and upper limb stretches.  Please click here to read this article.
  5. See your Osteopath, Physiotherapist or General Practitioner if your neck pain is getting worse or if you are suffering from neurological symptoms.  Neurological symptoms can include: pins and needles, sharp shooting pains, numbness and weakness.

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