COVID19 has meant that many of us have had to adapt our training due to a change in environment and equipment that is available to us. In the video below I have put together an upper body exercise program that incorporates all upper body movements using just bands. In the video I am using the Yellow and Orange Ironedge 41 inch bands (these would be classed as light and medium resistance).

Upper body band workout – 1-2 bands & 1 anchor point at most – 3-6 sets each exercise – 8-15 reps per set- consider time under tension or isometric holds if band resistance is low

1. Lateral raise
2. Anterior raise
3. Pull apart
4. Face pull
5. Overhead press
6. Anterior press
7. Seated row
8. Bicep curl
9. Tricep extension
9. Pallof press

If you can get your hands on some bands, then be sure to give these a go.

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy. If you are looking for a customised home exercise program or are dealing with a niggle that isn’t getting better, be sure to touch base with us at the clinic. If you have a question, email us at If you would like to book in, do so via our webpage or by calling 0396709290. P4O are now offering in room consults as well as telehealth consultations.