Tennis and Golfers Elbow are the common names for lateral and medial epicondylopathy.  Previously both tennis and golfer’s elbow have been known as medial and lateral epicondylitis.  The “itis” has referred to inflammation.  For those individuals who have suffered from tennis or golfers elbow, they will often know and have experienced the initial acute stage of the condition.  In many cases the individuals have not played tennis or golf, rather the injury occurs after activities such as gardening, house work etc etc.  The individual usually performs activity above and beyond what they are accustomed to and the result of this is pain in the inside or outside of their elbow/forearm muscles.  Many people who suffer from tennis or golfers elbow often report a history of pain that has existed for sometime, in many circumstances the condition can last 12-18 months.  The treatment and management of both these conditions varies greatly and can range from manual therapy, corticosteroid injections, dry needling, nitrate patches, platelet blood injections to eccentric exercises.

Recently I was on a course where I was introduced to the Flex Bar that can be used for both eccentric exercises and pertubation based exercises.  I thought I would post a video link to the Flex Bar that demonstrates how they can be used for both Tennis and Golfers Elbow conditions.

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