Strength Training Workshop For Osteopaths

Recently I had the pleasure of co hosting a strength training workshop for osteopaths at Elite Sports Performance alongside arguably two of Melbournes best Strength and Conditioning coaches, Martyn Girvan and Dan Di Pasqua.  Obviously my opinion on this is biased and I only know who I know when it comes to strength and conditioning coaches, however these two are probably two of the most down to earth, well read, well practiced, experienced and passionate people that I know when it comes to strength and conditioning.  On top of that, they are also very generous with their time and willing to help others.  We hosted a one day workshop at Elite Sports Performance for Allied Health Professionals.  We had 33 people attend, these being a mix of registered practitioners and students who were keen to get active and learn about strength training.  On the day we covered a great deal, ranging from the box squat, back squat, conventional and sumo deadlift, horizontal and vertical pressing and pulling movements.  We covered the basics of set up, technique and how to regress and progress exercises accordingly.  As osteopaths we are working with clients who are either often managing a musculoskeletal complaint and/or are looking for improving performance in relation to activities of daily living or sports/hobbies.  Osteopaths recognize that active management is an integral part of anyones treatment and management plan and should the client have a preference or need for strength training, then it is important to know what to prescribe, when and how to do it safely for the client they are working with.  We will be hosting more of these seminars in the near future, so please keep a look out on our webpage on our events page for future events.