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Strength Training For Allied Health Professionals – Course Review

Yesterday Strength and Conditioning Coaches Martyn Girvan (Malaysian Track Cycling S&C), Daniel Di Pasqua (Melbourne Storm S&C), Todd Carlon (Maribyrnong Sports Academy S&C) and osteopath Heath Williams (Principle Four Osteopathy) came to together to run our second Strength Training For Allied Health Professionals (osteopaths, chiropractors, exercise physiologists, personal trainers, myotherapists, physiotherapists) course at Elite Sports Performance.

We had a fully booked course with 25 enthusiastic professionals keen to learn and integrate the knowledge practically within arguably Melbourne western suburbs best strength and conditioning training facility for both the general public and elite athletes.

Martyn Girvan Teaching The Box Squat

Box Squat








Daniel Teaching The Deadlift

Deadlift 2









The day was split into a mix of lectures, practical application and discussions as we looked to teach and integrate the following:

  • Principles of strength training
  • Movement preparation and assessment for the lower limb and upper limb with regards to strength and conditioning (looking at the role of soft tissue release, activation techniques for the hip complex, core and shoulder girdle)
  • Reviewing the box squat, understanding how to perform the box squat, teach the box squat and correct common errors associated with the box squat
  • Reviewing the conventional and sumo stance deadlift, understanding how to perform the deadlift, teach the deadlift and correct common errors associated with the deadlift
  • Reviewing the bench press and understanding how to perform the bench press, teach the bench press and correct common errors associated with the bench press
  • Review the hip hinge and understand its role with developing the posterior chain
  • Review close packing the shoulder and creating a stable shoulder girdle
  • Review and practice common accessory exercises such as the hip thrust, single leg step up, posterior lunge, band and bar good morning, romanian deadlift, rack pull, deficit deadlift, ROM elevated deadlift, kettlebell deadlift, back extension, pallof press, torsonator, incline bench press, floor press, lat pull down, seated row, single arm dumbbell row, TRX/Bar row, straight arm pull down, dumbbell external rotation and Y”s, T”s and W”s  These are just some of the things practiced by attendees.
  • Discussed strength programming for the upper and lower body.
  • Discussed and demonstrated how to adapt exercises and programming to deal with the injured client/athlete

Martyn Teaching Shoulder Packing And The Bench Press

Shoulder Stability

Bench Press








For anyone interested in attending our next course, we will be looking to run this later in the year in Melbourne again.  The course cost is $300 and all attendees receive a PDF and printed resource manual with lunch included. Please email info@principle4.com if you like to register your interest.

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy.  www.principlefourosteopathy.com