Strength & Conditioning. 

An Introduction To The Westside Barbell Method

Recently I have been publishing a number of articles on my Osteopathy webpage about Strength and Conditioning and some of my clients and potential clients would probably be thinking “why would an Osteopath be writing about strength and conditioning?, what does this have to do with Osteopathy?”.  Well the simple answer is, I have a keen interest in Exercise Prescription, Corrective Exercise, Movement, Strength and Conditioning.  I am also a big believer that all of these things stated previously SHOULD play a role within what an Osteopath is and does.  We as Osteopaths are dealing with clients everyday who are in pain and injured.  Our role as an Osteopath shouldn’t just stop at the point of getting our clients out of pain, but also extending towards giving advice and management on how to best prevent this from recurring.

Strength & Conditioning Session @ Elite Sports Performance

Most of my articles that I have recently published on strength and conditioning, training and programming have related to that of Elite Sports Performance.  This is the facility that I train at in Melbourne.  Last Saturday was my first Saturday morning training session at the facility.  Each day is dedicated to a different training focus.  Saturday was Maximum Strength Upper Body.  I have only ever read about the Westside Barbell Method and have never actually trained this way.  Training approaches have included using bands for training, blocks for benching, box squatting and many other.  Training equipment has included: Many varied bars types, equipment such as the Plyo swing, Glute Ham Raise, Reverse Hyper, Belt Squat, Monolift and much more.

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Osteopathy & Strength & Conditioning

Now these methods of training are not just for those who are serious weight lifters or elite athletes, but also for those wanting to improve their overall general strength and wellbeing.  Although I have only been training at this facility for a short time, I have already learnt a great deal of NEW exercises and mobility exercises that I can add to my bank of exercises, stretches and mobility exercises for my clients.  Previously I had used the Powerbands to a minimum as I had little exposure to these.  In many ways the Theraband or Tubing grip was probably the closest thing to the Powerbands that I had used.  Rather than just prescribe basic rehabilitation based exercises with the thera band and tubing band, I am now able to progress the exercises to a much greater level and load, therefore enabling my clients to further develop their strength and well being.

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