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Principle Four Osteopathy has a number of osteopaths who are dual qualified as osteopaths and in strength and conditioning.

Our area of interest is to work with clients who are looking to rehabilitate from an injury to get back to everyday normal function, work, training or sport or work with clients who are having ongoing persistent niggling complaints that is stopping them from regular training or are looking to improve their performance.

We typically see clients from all walks of life and backgrounds and we will often look to assist clients through undertaking a functional movement screen (FMS), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), JobFit Pre Employment screen, osteopathy consult and then look to prescribe an exercise rehabilitation or strength and conditioning program to assist them in returning to work, sport or lifestyle activities.

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Functional Movement Screening

Exercise Rehabilitation / Strength and Conditioning

Crossfit Movement Screening

JobFit Systems Pre Employment Screening

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Jarrod Testa – Osteopath / Exercise Science / Powerlifting

Josh Davis – Osteopath / Strength and Conditioning

Heath Williams – Osteopath / Strength and Conditioning

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