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The Single Leg Swiss Ball Wall Squat

Now I must say that I generally don’t prescribe the single leg wall squat that often in a clinical or rehabilitation setting often and this is perhaps more due to the fact that I not necessarily tried prescribing it enough.  However, after reading the article titled “The single leg wall squat with a stability ball” article that was published in the strength and conditioning journal in 2015, I will now look at incorporating into some of my clients exercise and rehab plans.

So what did I learn from reading the article?

  • The single leg swiss ball wall squat is a closed chain chain, bodyweight, multi joint, lower body exercise.
  • The exercise can help with improving ones hip, spine and knee joint stability and strength.
  • Muscle involved in the exercise include: gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, hamstrings and quadriceps.
  • The single leg loaded exercise is good exercise to use as an accessory exercise to those people who may not be able to handle heavy loaded bilateral squats.

There are many different ways one could perform a swiss ball single leg squat, however the article suggests placing the swiss ball in the small of the back, stepping forward so that the front of the knee is directly above the back of the heel.  Once should maintain an upright trunk posture when descending.  One should also aim to keep the hip and knee aligned with the 2nd toe on the grounded leg. 

One can progress the exercise through variation of the sets, reps, time, use of external equipment such as dumbbells.

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