Shoulder Mobilisers

There are many ways to mobilise the shoulders, however one of my favourites is with the use of a stick.  It doesn’t have to be any specific stick, just one that is approximately the length of a broom.

The reason I enjoy using the stick so much with helping to get the shoulders moving is that it gives you a point of contact with both hands and often provides some additional control to the movement.

Below are some of my favourites that I will use within my own personal warm up routine, but also for clients.  These are especially good for those who are weight lifting.  Not only are they are great way to warm up and mobilise the shoulders, they also serve an assessment tool for those undertaking it. Failure to achieve these movements may lead to the prescription of further additional stretches and mobilisers or suggest an avoidance of certain exercises.


Tips To Performing These Exercises

  • There should not be any pain with these exercises, stop if so.
  • Start with gentle controlled movement and build up the range, speed and reps.
  • Alter grip widths to make easier or harder.  Typically a wider grip is suggested for those with tight shoulders.


Shoulder Mobility – Palms Forwards From Behind The Back


Shoulder Mobility Palms Facing You With Stick In Front


Shoulder Stick Rowing


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