I have recently had a client present to the clinic with Meralga Parasthetica. The client reported a numbness feeling over the upper lateral thigh that had begun some 1-2 weeks prior. Clinical testing and the case history suggested that it wasn’t referred pain from the back and/or trigger points in the soft tissues around the hips and pelvis.

Meralgia Paresthetica is a condition where the individual has altered sensory changes over the area of the upper and lateral thigh. This condition occurs when there is compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve that is responsible for sensory feelings in this area. It has been reported that this condition is seen more regularly in pregnant women, individuals who wear tight clothing i.e. jeans and/or belts and those who suddenly gain weight.

Symptoms of Meralgia Paresthetica can vary from pain or burning over the outside of the thigh, numbness on the outside of the thigh, change in sensitivity to touch of the lateral thigh, symptoms aggravated by wearing tight jeans/trousers and/or belts.

Treatment and management will vary depending on the cause of it. For those individuals suffering from Meralgia Paresthetica due to tight clothing and/or belts, wearing more loosely fitting clothing and changing the belt tension can help reduce symptoms. Women who are pregnant that suffer from these symptoms often find a reduction in symptoms following the birth of their child. For those with weight issues, weight loss can help long term. When it comes to hands on manual therapy, often soft tissue massage, stretching and mobilisation can help. Gentle stretching of the hip flexors can also help reduce tension through through the hip and thigh region.

For those individuals who don’t find relief from manual therapy, stretching and adjustments to clothing etc, a cortisone injection may be of help.

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