Osteopath Heath Williams Now Certified In Gray Institute 3D Maps Movement Analysis and Performance System

Osteopath Heath Williams has just completed the Gray Institute 3D maps movement analysis and performance system online course.

This course allows the practitioner to assess ones mobility and stability across a range of chain reaction movements.







The following information has been sourced from the Gray Institute

“3DMAPS (3D Movement Analysis & Performance System) is the most innovative way to effectively analyze and enhance the entire body in an efficient, revealing, and evidence-based manner. This certification equips you, the movement professional, with the content, competence, and confidence to meet the needs, wants, and goals of all of your patients and clients. Unlike any other movement screen, 3DMAPS is a movement analysis and performance system that applies to the three-dimensionality and abilities of all individuals and all of human function. 3DMAPS boils down all of human movement (the three-dimensional interaction of joints, muscles, and proprioceptors) into 6 Vital Transformational Zones, adapts these movements within Mobility Analysis Movements (assessing range of motion) and Stability Analysis Movements (assessing control of motion), and empowers you to then prioritize the best and most logical progressions in serving your patients and clients better. 
3D … The human body moves three-dimensionally. All proprioceptors respond, all muscles react, and all joints move three-dimensionally. It only makes sense to analyze and progress the body three-dimensionally. 3DMAPS facilitates this and much, much more!
Movement … 3DMAPS leverages movements – lunges, reaches, squats – that are paramount to common, everyday movements and activities. These movements are authentic to the individual and relevant to what the individual does. While other screens, scans, analyses, claim to be functional, 3DMAPS actually is.
Analysis … 3DMAPS analyzes the entire body’s mobility (flexibility, range of motion) and stability (strength, control of motion) and then identifies a Relative Success Code specific to individual – based on symmetries, asymmetries, and disabling pain within the movements.
Performance … 3DMAPS enhances the function of the individual and progresses systematically and scientifically for optimal function and improvement.
System … Performance Movements parallel Analysis Movements, thus creating a seamless and intuitive process for both the practitioner and the patient / client.”


To find out more about the 3D Maps Movement Analysis and Performance System, please click here.

Osteopath Heath Williams is the owner of Principle Four Osteopathy, which is located in the Melbourne City CBD and Docklands.  Heath has an interest in osteopathy, exercise prescription, movement assessments and strength and conditioning.

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