It’s not just the ski slopes that freeze up at this time of year

Joint Pain

It is a common complaint amongst patients of all ages that as we start to don more layers of clothes we start to notice our joint aches and pains a little more. Some patients even swear they can tell when it will rain based on their joint aches, an interesting way to forecast weather perhaps!

There is no definitive reason why this happens whether through a decline in circulation surrounding our joints and muscles, whether perhaps because we tend to go out less, therefore exercise less and move less so we inevitably stiffen up.

However it is a great time to pop in and visit your Osteopath for some musculoskeletal TLC to ease off tight muscles and stiff joints.

In the meantime consider these ways to keep coldness at bay;

  • Use lots of heat around tight areas – I love these Hotteze packs as you can take them with you to work and carry your heat with you-
  • Take the time at your desk to take regular breaks at least every hour to stretch your legs, rest your wrists and hands and ease your eyes.
  • Do some simple stretches to prevent more stiffness whilst on your break.
  • If you tend to be an outdoor exerciser take the chance over winter to try a new activity indoors such as joining a gym, trying a new class or trialling your own home exercise program that our Osteopaths can write up for you.


So next time you are certain it will rain due to your sore hands pay a visit to your friendly Principle Four Osteopath for some well earned treatment indoors where it’s warm!

This article was written by osteopath Cathryn Leszczynski who has a background in exercise rehabilitation.  Cathryn is available for appointments at the clinic on Mondays and Fridays and appointments can be booked online here or by calling 0396709290.