Brian Mulligan is a New Zealand Physiotherapist who is renowned across the world in manual therapy for his assessment and treatment techniques NAGS and SNAGS.  NAGS refers to treatment techniques to the spine involving natural apophyseal glides and SNAGS refers to sustained natural apopyseal glides.  These techniques are very quickly applied to an individual suffering from pain or restriction in the spinal joints and both practitioner and patient will know very quickly if this technique is appropriate for their complaint.  Brian Mulligan has also done a lot of great work with peripheral joints using Mobilisation with Movement.  In this video we have a demonstration from the Sports Rehab Expert YouTube Page demonstrating how the seatbelt can be used to apply a lateral glide through the femur to help improve internal rotation.  These are some of the techniques that Osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy has learnt from undertaking  the Mulligan Concepts Course.

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