Make Your Training Fun With Zuu and Animal Flow Exercises

Principle Four Osteopath Heath Williams recently completed his Cobra Level 1 Zuu Trainers Certificate and is also further developing his Animal Flow moves so that he can improve both his own movement and strength, but also look to educate his clients on how to improve their mobility and strength through fun functional movements.

Zuu and Animal Flow  are two different forms of body weight training that have named many of their movements after animals that move in a similar way to the exercise.


Why are Zuu and Animal Flow Movement Training Beneficial

  • No equipment needed, just your body weight.
  • The movements can be up or down scaled appropriately to suit the individual.
  • You can train anywhere, all you need is some space.
  • You can focus on training technique, movement, skills or integrate this into a full body HITT training session.
  • It trains the whole body.


Zuu Training







Some of the great moves that you can learn in Zuu training are:

  • Frog – great for improving hip and lower limb mobility, especially those tight hamstrings that many of us have.
  • Rock Press – great for improving upper body strength and mobility.
  • Bear Crawl – great for improving 4 point kneeling movement.  This involves you working the whole body at once.
  • Half hindu – great for improving upper body and core strength whilst opening up through the anterior chain.
  • Snake – great for improving total body core strength.  This is a brace type movement in the push up position as close to the ground integrated with movement.
  • High and low holds – bracing in the push up position (low hold) as close to the ground and high hold (squat position).
  • Gorilla – learn to move forwards and backwards using your hands, core and legs.  This movement exercise gets the heart moving.
  • Donkeys – if you though knee tucks were hard, then wait till you try this move out.
  • Side kicks – great for improving mobility through the lower body and strength through the whole body.
  • Backwards and anterior walk – great for improving whole body strength and mobility.
  • Iguana – great for building whole body strength and movement.  If you thought spider mans were tough, then try this out.
  • Straddles – another great exercise for improving trunk through to lower body mobility and strength.
  • Diamond Rock Press – Great for upper body strength through the shoulders.
  • Xplodes – builds power into the legs.
  • Squat jump to split lunge (repeat).  Great for lower body strength, power and endurance.

These are just some of the great moves that you can learn to master and integrate into your everyday workout.

Check out the Zuu moves below


Animal Flow









Learn some great moves such as the:

  • Travelling Beast
  • Scorpion
  • Crab Reach
  • Kick Throughs
  • Travelling Apes
  • Switches

And many more.  Check out the video below to find out more about Animal Flow.


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