In the video below you will see osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy performing the lunge and number of exercise progressions/regressions and variations.

Firstly we will start with the lunge and discussing hip versus knee dominant lunge patterns. One can bias their lunge to be more knee dominant by changing the degree of knee flexion during the movement. More knee flexion = more knee dominant. Less knee flexion i.e. vertical shin and less knee flexion = more hip dominant.

Now lets take a look at the lunge and common lunge movements that we should look at incorporating.

When it comes to a stepping movement pattern (a regressed derivative of the lunge), commonly we will perform an anterior, lateral, rotatational or posterior step or lunge. Therefore one should consider these when performing lunges as part of their training.

In the video below we will also see osteopath Heath Williams demonstrating a number of various bilateral and single arm load variations. These include:

  • Bilateral
  • Single arm same side as stepping leg
  • Single arm opposite side as stepping leg

Each of these positions will create a different biomechanical reaction in the body and challenge the body in different ways.

Hand positions include:

  • Floor
  • Arms by side
  • Chest/rack position
  • Overhead

Each of these positions will create a different biomechanical reaction in the body and demand a different response from the body when performing these.

Lunge / exercise strategies from Heath Williams on Vimeo.

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