Lower Body Strength Session @ Elite Sports Performance

I was back at Elite Sports Performance with Level 2 S&C Coach Todd Carlon for a Lower Body Conditioning session last night. This weeks session was focusing on getting my body to get used to heavier weights with the Squat, as well as a few supplementary exercises focusing on gluteal activation and strength.

Warm Up
The warm up is the same as it has been on all of the other sessions performed at Elite Sports Performance. One thing that I am becoming aware of finally is that my glutes are actually starting to fire up and that my stability on the warm up exercises are improving. Beforehand I was over activating the hamstrings and lumbar erector spinae as well as also moving excessively through different regions of the body. It still amazes me how good the body is adapting to either create improved and more efficient movement, or either compensate and mask an issue by perpetuating poor movements and muscle function.

Supine Hip Bridge 10 reps
Side lying Plank with Leg Abduction 10 reps
Single Leg Supine Hip Bridge 10 reps
Plank with Hip Extension 10 reps
Seated Powerband Hip Abduction (yellow band) 10 reps
Standing VMO Knee Extensions (yellow band) 10 reps
Superman/Birddog 10 reps
Single Leg Powerband Hip Flexion, Extension, Abduction, Adduction (yellow band) 10 reps (Key Focus: Keep the leg straight and the pelvis stable)

Main Session

Powerband Box Squats
2 warm up
4 working sets 3 reps

Check out the video I sourced from YouTube.

Standing belt squats
2 warm up
4 working sets 5

Check out the video that I sourced from YouTube.

Reverse Hyperextension
3 working sets 8 reps

Check out the video that I sourced from Youtube.

Hyper Extensions
3 working sets 8 reps

Power band Goodmornings
3 sets 10

Standing cable press
4 sets 10 reps

Be sure to keep an eye out for next weeks workout.

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