Looking For Some Exercise Ideas?

Osteopath Heath Williams and Personal Trainer Jon Weller have teamed together to launch the Training Trendz YouTube Channel.  Click here to go to our page.  Currently we have 300+ exercise videos.  We have over 10 different categories ranging from:

  • Personal Training Education
  • TRX and TRX Rip Trainer videos
  • Mobility and Warm Up videos
  • Tennis Specific Videos
  • ViPR videos
  • FreeForm Board videos
  • Bosu ball and Swiss Ball videos
  • Sandbag, Powerboat and Medicine Ball videos
  • Group Outdoor Training videos
  • Plyometric videos
  • Bodyweight videos
  • And Much Much More

Be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can be kept up to date with all of our latest releases.

I have posted a few examples of these videos below for you to view.