The clinic has been seeing more and more clients attending for the treatment of knee injuries.  These have ranged from patellar maltracking conditions, to iliotibial band friction syndrome, post knee surgeries and bursitis.  Many of these clients have attended wanting to know what their complaint is and how to strengthen it so that their knee pain does not come back again.  In many of these conditions, the prescription of various exercises, stretches and foam rolling has helped considerably.  If you are currently suffering from a knee complaint and would like to know more about what can be done to prevent further recurrence, then please call 03 9670 9290 or book online @

The clinic is uniquely located within a boutique personal training studio that allows for both in room treatment and in studio rehabilitation/corrective exercise.  For more information about the clinic and what we do, please go to

We are located at 29 Somerset Place, Melbourne City CBD 3000.