Kinetic link training workout with an upper body focus

Osteopath Heath Williams has put together a new kinetic link training workout with an upper body focus.  This program integrates the following movement patterns:

  • Open arc across multiple directions
  • Vertical push
  • Horizontal push
  • Horizontal pull
  • Squat
  • Split squat

The kinetic link approach integrates whole body movement, thereby training the whole body movement patterns rather than just isolated movements.  You will also see a couple of isolated movements in this workout to focus training on the anterior and posterior aspects of the upper body.

The exercise program in detail

  1.  Incline bench double arm dumbbell open arc aka reverse fly
  2. Standing (bilateral stance) cable double arm open arc
  3. Double arm dumbbell open arc (anterior) + squat
  4. Double arm cable anterior push (mid) + split squat (static)
  5. Double arm dumbbell open arc aka lateral raise + split squat
  6. Incline bench (lying) double arm dumbbell anterior push aka incline bench press
  7. Double arm cable (low) posterior pull + split squat
  8. Double arm dumbbell superior push + squat

Frequency:  You could train this program twice per week combined with another KLT program that focuses more on direct lower body movement patterns (squat, hinge, split squat, lateral weight shift squat, lunge patterns) and additional upper body pull and arc patterns.

Sets:  For bilateral exercises, 4 sets.  For unilateral focused exercises, 2 sets each leg

Repetitions: 6-8 for heavier work, 12-15 for endurance focus

Check out each exercise below in Heath’s P4O instagram page for specific demonstrations.

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy.  Principle Four Osteopathy is one of Melbourne city cbd leading osteopathy clinics.