Jumping, Hopping and Bounding Rehab Exercises

Jumping, hopping and bounding exercises are usually part of ones lower limb mid to later rehab program and I will usually prescribe these for the following reasons:

  • Develop single leg power i.e. ability to load and generate force as well as absorb force (in all directions)
  • Address double and single leg landing technique
  • Address balance and control with both single leg and bilateral stance

In terms of how I start someone with these exercises, the prescription (exercise, number of exercises, sets and reps) will vary depending on the person, their initial injury and their goals.  However I will usually start with the following:


  • Jumping and landing technique (technique focus)
  • Jump and land (repeat) – forward, lateral, rotational (directional focus)
  • Travelling horizontal jump (repeated jumps focus)
  • Jumping vertical height (box) (height focus)
  • Jumping (from box to floor and progressing to depth jump)
  • Jumping 2 feet – 1 foot land (bilateral to single leg progression focus)
  • Jumping (all directions) using external verbal cue (reaction jump)


  • Hopping and landing technique (technique focus)
  • Hopping and land (repeat) – forward, lateral, rotational (dire