Hip Mobility Drills – Get More From Your Hips With Daily Mobility Work

The vast majority of the population are generally stiff and tight in and around the hips.  Whilst I know this broad statement may irritate some people, when you look at who can actually sit and rest at the bottom of a squat position, the vast majority of people can’t.  The modern world that we live in is probably largely to blame for this.  We now spend a large chunk of our day sitting.  Simple functional tasks like squatting, lunging, stepping up/down and getting up and down off the floor can be a challenge for many of us.  In the photos below osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy demonstrates a couple of his favourite hip mobility stretches.  For those of you who currently have back or hip pain, please consult with your health professional before trying these out.

90/90 Hip Mobility Stretch

Hip Mobility

Hip Mobility 2









Hip Mobility With Trunk Rotation Stretch

Hip Mobility 3

Hip Mobility 4

Hip Mobility 5