Great iPhone Applications For Patients

More and more we are starting to use iPhone applications as part of the assessment and management of clients with musculoskeletal complaints at Principle Four Osteopathy.  The reason we are doing this is because almost all of our clients have some form of smartphone and almost every client will carry their phone on them almost at all stages.

Below are some of the applications that we have started using at our practice as part of our patient management.  For those out there who are more tech savvy than us, please feel free to email your suggested iPhone applications for exercise, work related breaks, stretching etc through to as we are always looking to improve our patient care.



Argus is an iPhone applications that is free and allows the user to track their steps per day.  It also gives the user an indication of calories burnt per day.  I have also enjoyed using it for clients who jog/run and when they want to track distance ran over time, average running km speed etc.  It also gives the user a snapshot of when they are active throughout the day with graphs.  The user can also put their weight and body fat into the applications as well as take photos of their food to track what and how they are eating.


The only issue I have had with Argus is that my battery life seems to get chewed up quicker than normal.  So makes sure your client has a charger at work or home.

Lapse It


Lapse it was an application that we stumbled across as a result of a patient who was reporting postural related aches and pains from working at a computer.  This application allows the user to capture images at set times i.e. every 2, 4 seconds etc over an extended period of time.  It will then collate these images together to create a short video.  What it does is allows the viewer to observe posture over a period of time.


Being able to place the phone in a position that allows you to take the images you want. You may benefit from buying a small tripod to mount this on.

Break & Office Break


Workers who find themselves stuck at a workstation and working for extended periods of time may find these applications useful.  The applications allow you to set break times that will remind you to take a break.  Prolonged static postures is a risk factor for developing musculoskeletal complaints in the workplace and this application certainly allows one to change their habit.


Users may eventually get annoyed by the application and may turn it off.  I would say this is a good thing though if it has allowed them to create a habit of being more active in the workplace.

Iphone Camera

This is probably my favourite feature of any smartphone.  The ability to take a photo or video of the client performing a movement or exercise allows for them to receive almost immediate visual feedback.  This can be used to demonstrate both posture, assessment tests and exercises.  When taken on their phone, it also serves as a reminder of how to perform the exercise.  Therefore eliminating the need for the osteopath to draw pictures that often don’t look like the exercises or stretches that they are meant to be.


Ubersense is a more detailed application for coaches or practitioners wanting to compare videos and/or draw lines/angles on the videos or camera stills.  Great for those who like to be detailed in their approach to prescription and feedback.

Whilst this list is not extensive, keep an eye out on future posts by Principle Four Osteopathy about applications that can be useful for clients and the treating practitioner (osteopath, physiotherapist, myotherapist and chiropractor).

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