Get Creative And Get Outdoors And Train

Individuals who use the excuse of not being able to train because they don’t have a gym membership are not thinking outside the box.  When it comes to training and getting the body moving, all we simple need is ourselves and the environment we live in.

Body weight training is fast becoming one of 2015 most popular rejuvenated forms of exercise.  Learning how to masters ones own body against gravity can be rewarding both mentally and physically.  I must say that since I have started introducing more body weight training, my mobility and strength has improved greatly.  Whilst my bench press, squat and deadlift numbers may have dropped since focusing more on body weight training, I have also noticed a reduction in soreness from training as the introduction of bodyweight exercises has allowed for more variety in movement patterns.

Below are some examples of how one can focus on mobility and strength based training in the outdoors.

Mobility drills can include static stretching or dynamic stretching and generally all we really need is a surface to work from.

Adductor/Hip Mobility Drill


Hip/Thoracic Mobiliser

Static Squat and Hold – Both Strength and Mobility

Monkey Bar Chin Ups and Climbing