Check out the recent web article from Podiatry Today on the Myths Behind Barefoot Running. Click here to read the article.

Barefoot running is gaining more momentum when it comes to training outdoors. With the likes of Vibram Five Fingers, Nike Free etc also being out on the market in an attempt to create a more true foot experience when exercising, it is worthwhile reading this article.

Personally I have used Vibram Five Fingers and barefoot when training in the gym environment, however I have not yet dabbled directly with Barefoot running. I have used the Vibram Five Fingers and Barefoot approach to vary my current training program. Like all training approaches and equipment, there are always pro’s and cons to all approaches. If you are thinking of trying out some Barefoot running or purchasing some Vibram Five Fingers or Nike Free. I would suggest breaking them in slowly and seeing how they go, rather than going out there and running 1/2 Marathon without getting used to them.

Whilst on the topic of running, if you are interested in running approaches and running in general, a book that I have recently started reading that is quite interesting is “Chi Running”. It can be found on amazon for not much more than $15-20.

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