Foot and Ankle Injuries

The osteopaths at our Principle Four Osteopathy Melbourne City CBD and Melbourne Docklands clinics are experienced in providing treatment for many of the common foot and ankle injuries.

Common Foot And Ankle Complaints

  • Ankle sprains (inversion sprain)
  • Achilles tendinopathy (acute and chronic)
  • Tendinopathies such as posterior tibialis tendinitis
  • Compartment syndrome (shin splints)
  • Muscle strains i.e calf strains
  • Plantarfasciitis
  • Ankle impingement or joint restrictions
  • Stiff feet and ankles
  • Recurrent ankle sprains and poor balance and control
  • Heel spurs
  • Arthritic changes in the feet i.e. 1st Metatarsal


Taking A Look At The Foot And Ankle


Ankle Sprain









The ankle sprain is one of the most common ankle injuries seen at Principle Four Osteopathy.  Typically these injuries occur during a sporting activity or when one steps and twists their ankle.  Typically clients who have twisted their ankle before are much more likely to sprain (roll) their ankle again.  When it comes to treating and managing an ankle sprain, once the individual is able to walk around, the rehabilitation and exercise process should already be well under way.  Failure to strengthen and rehabilitate the injury fully may increase an individuals risk of further recurrence.


How Can An Osteopath At Principle Four Osteopathy Help You?

  • Your Osteopath will take a detailed case history and perform an in-depth movement and orthopaedic assessment to diagnose your injury. In some cases they may be required to refer for further assessment and imaging with one our Trusted Professional Network.
  • Your Osteopath will identify potential aggravating and maintaining factors for your injury or complaint and provide you with solutions to reduce this. This could simply mean a review of your activity levels, training programme, training environment and footwear.
  • Your Osteopath will provide hands on manual therapy as well as stretching, dry needling and taping where appropriate.
  • Your Osteopath will provide you with a stretching, mobility and strengthening program so that you can better manage your own condition and/or work on preventing it from recurring.


To find out more about these conditions and how you can better treat and manage these conditions, please call 03 9670 9290 or book an appointment online to see one of our osteopaths at Principle Four Osteopathy.


Our Clinic Locations

The Melbourne City CBD clinic is located at 29 Somerset Place (basement), close to the corner of Elizabeth St and Little Bourke in the Melbourne City CBD. Our premises adjoin the Jon Weller Personal Training Studio, a fully-equipped training space which allows clients to combine their osteopathy treatment with exercise tutorials or specific training programs and rehabilitation.

The Docklands clinic is located at 717 Bourke St (Ground Floor), beneath the Channel 9 building near the walkway from Southern Cross Train Station to Etihad Stadium. Our premises adjoin Pilates on Bourke, a fully-equipped pilates and yoga training space which allows clients to combine their osteopathy treatment with exercise tutorials, pilates or specific training programs and rehabilitation.