Principle Four Osteopathy osteopath Heath Williams is going to demonstrate a number of different exercises that one could look to implement into their training routine as part of their warm up routine or perhaps even strengthening routine. In these videos you will see osteopath Heath Williams using the clubbells as the external load combined with moving the shoulders across all planes of motion (sagittal, frontal and transverse). The clubbells could be left out of this routine and just bodyweight used or they could also be swapped from lightly loaded kettlebells or dumbbells.

Clubbell Shoulder Warm Up Routine – Isolated Approach

In this video series you will see Heath move the shoulders through their full range of motion and integrated the flexion/extension plane, coronal/frontal plane and transverse/rotational plane. This ensures all aspects of the shoulder are moving.

Clubbell Shoulder Exercises Integrated With Kinetic Link Training Principles

In the videos above you will see a more integrated method of warming up the shoulders as well as the rest of the body. The Kinetic Link Training approach involves whole body integration and this method focuses more on training movements rather than isolated muscles or regions. When this method is applied well, you can start adjusting training variables such as load/weight, time under tension, speed to bias the focus towards hypertrophy, strength, endurance and power.

Osteopath Heath Williams is a Level 2 Certified KLT trainer. He has also undertaken a range of other post graduate training courses and regularly integrates exercise rehab / strength and conditioning with his clients.

All of the practitioners at Principle Four Osteopathy have an interest in exercise rehab and strength and conditioning and should you be looking for an active approach to the management of your complaints, then look no further than our clinic.

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