At Principle Four Osteopathy we tailor all of our movement strategies to suit our client needs. This process occurs through a detailed case history and movement assessment and our strategies, be it stretching, dynamic mobility or loaded movement is prescribed according to your specific needs and goals.

In the images below you will see one of Principle Four Osteopathy clients demonstrating a number of specific stretches and variations that have been prescribed to suit their needs.

1. Hip flexor with sky reach
2.Hip flexor with trunk side bend
3. Couch stretch – focus on quad and hip flexor
4. Lateral trunk stretch focus
5. Trunk distraction / decompression

We have also prescribed 2 movement based exercises using the Kinetic Link Training principles to assist the individual with regards to their complaint and goals. These include a horizontal pull and push pattern.

If you are looking for a tailored treatment approach for a musculoskeletal complaint or are looking to improve your movement health and performance, then make sure you book into see one of our team at Principle Four Osteopathy.

Principle Four Osteopathy is located on Level 4 at 178 Collins St Melbourne City CBD 3000.