In the video below you will see a few overhead press exercise variations where we see a change in ones base of support which ultimately impacts on their stability. Progressing an exercise through variables that are just load related can be a nice way to challenge oneself both mentally and physically. Especially if you often train at home like I do and there is limited access to the equipment you have and therefore you need to get creative to keep training both stimulating and challenging.

In the videos below you will see the following:

  • Bilateral overahd press (conventional overhead press)
  • Tree pose overhead press (using the unloaded leg to lcok into the grounded leg to aid in stability)
  • Single leg overhead press

We could also look to add further challenges by looking to change from a bilateral to single arm press, look at a reciprocal press or look to perform a press on the same side as the grounded leg or the opposite side as the grounded leg.

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy. We are located on level 4 at 178 Collins St Melbourne City CBD 3000.