Bent Over Row – Single Arm Dumbbell – Anti Rotation Focus

In the video below you will see osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy performing a ipsilateral bent over row with dumbbell.  The challenge with this exercise is that you must stabilise the torso in the bent over position whilst rowing as well as needing to avoid rotation through the trunk due to the asymmetrical load.  This is a great exercise for those wishing to train trunk stability combined with a horizontal pulling pattern.

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy.  Principle Four Osteopathy is one of Melbourne City CBD and Docklands leading osteopathy clinics.  We have an interest in movement and exercise prescription.  Should you have any questions about sports related injuries and the rehab of these, please touch base with us on 03 9670 9290 or book online to see us at


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