Don’t get sucked into those generic mens health exercise programs that promise to create abs in 5 minutes, get you moving like an athlete and bulletproof from injury. Most of these big promises are like unicorns, fanciful and a load of crap.

Instead I would suggest consulting with a practitioner who understands exercise and can prescribe one that suits you and your goals. This might be your osteopath, physio, exercise phys, strength and conditioning coach or pt. All of these professions will have people who know and understand exercise and can prescribe appropriately.

In the post below you will see a program that we have recently prescribed for one of P4O clients. It has been prescribed according to the clients current status, their time availabilities, their travel routine, access to gyms and equipment and their specific goals.

Client @burt328 Gym and Travel Workout Plan
– we have reduced the number of exercises to be more time efficient
– each program includes lower body focus (either squat, lunge, hinge)
– the program has been designed for both a gym or hotel gym
– each program incorporates a pull, push and arc pattern – each program varies the pattern to create a different training stimulus – our aim is general conditioning whilst respecting previous msk complaints and looking to assist in other sporting pursuits and work/life demands
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If you are looking for a customised program, then touch base with us at the clinic. Book online or call us on 0396709290. Principle Four Osteopathy is located at Pleasance House on Level 4, 178 Collins St Melbourne City CBD 3000.