Lower body training workout

If you are looking for a new lower body training workout that focuses on integrating the whole body and includes fundamental movement patterns such as squat, hinge and lunge, then look no further than the program below.  Principle Four Osteopath Heath Williams has published his most recent lower body gym program.

Program specifics

  1. Double arm weight plate open arc + squat 4* 10 reps
  2. Single arm mid cable open arc + split squat 4* 10 reps each leg forward
  3. KB low hold deadlift 4* 10 reps
  4. Double arm dumbbell open arc (sagittal plane) + lateral lunge 4* 10 reps each direction
  5. Double arm dumbbell mid hold squat with heels raised 4* 10 reps
  6. Single arm low cable posterior pull + single leg hinge with toe touch 4* 10 reps
  7. Double arm low hold cable lateral lunge 4* 10 reps each direction
  8. Double arm dumbbell low to mid hold squat 4* 10 reps

Check out the videos for each of the exercises below.

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy.