When I think about the “ideal” future of ergonomics in the workplace, the image below represents a more dynamic and innovative work environment that I think all companies should be moving towards.  The “ideal” work environment is one that is fitted to the individual and allows maximal variation in work set up and flexibility with work duties.  This includes having the option to work from almost any destination, be it at home, at the office or from a mobile device. The “ideal” work environment would be one that allows the worker to adjust their workstation as required to suit their specific needs.  This includes the option of being able to sit or stand whilst working at the desk.

The 24 Hour Work Day – Is This Really A Healthy Way Forward

The creation of the smart phone and ipad and android tablet has meant that workers no longer just work 9-5.  Workers are now literally switched on 24 hours a day and given that majority of workers have one or multiple electronic devices, workers know that their colleagues or business partners are accessible and therefore expect an immediate response almost at any time of the day or night.  The issues with this is that workers find it increasingly more difficult to switch off and have down time.  People are now becoming slaves to their mobile devices and finding that they are literally having a mental breakdown if they realise they have gone out somewhere and have forgot to take their phone.  Surely this cannot be healthy long term.

Getting Active In The Workplace & Improving Workplace Culture

Companies are now becoming much more aware of the workers health and wellbeing and this is demonstrated by many companies now offering subsidies for gym memberships, fresh fruit in the office, comfortable rest areas in the office and many other “worker” driven special considerations.  Now for those conspiracy theorists out there, you would no double say that companies only offer this stuff so that workers will be more inclined to stay at work and therefore work