Machine based exercises bring a lot of debate from various health and fitness professionals / so are they good or bad? I guess it depends!

I have tried to list some of the pros below, keeping in mind that this list is not exhaustive:

1. You can find them at most gyms
2. They are relatively straight forward to use
3. Require minimal coordination and training (apart from@general ohs) and internal stability control
4. Loads can be adjusted to suit worker
5. Acute variables such as rom, sets, reps, tut can be easily adjusted for endurance, strength, hypertrophy
6. Usually single plane
7. Not complex

Now for the cons. The cons are pretty much the opposite of the pros above. These being: they do not require a great deal of coordination, internal stability and training, sometimes non machine weight based exercises cannot be adjusted with regards to load to suit the client, be it gravity or external load and they cannot be trained multiplane.

So in the end it really comes down to what we are trying to achieve and what will the strategy be to do this. At Principle Four Osteopathy we all aspects of training approaches and strategies and will look to prescribe what is most appropriate for you at that time with respect to the goals, be it rehab, general conditioning or performance.

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Principle Four Osteopathy are located on level 4 at 178 Collins St, Melbourne City CBD 3000. This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy.